Important Product Update

Important Product Update: Removal of Allergen from Leggo’s Bolognese (Chunky Tomato, Garlic and Herbs)


As a part of a product improvement project, Leggo’s has removed the dairy allergen from Leggo’s Bolognese Chunky Tomato, Garlic and Herb 500g and 750g sauces.





Please note that with the new product starting to hit shelves, we cannot confirm that the old product containing the milk allergen has been completely sold through yet and therefore encourage all shoppers to check the label of the product that they are buying to ensure it is suitable for you and your family. Please note, all products in market, old and new, have accurate labels.


The new formulation has been produced since the 4th of May 2018 for the 500g product, and the 30th of April 2018 for the 750g product. This means that any 500g jars with Best Before dates 01 05 20 and forward, will not contain the milk allergen.


Leggo’s is always looking to continuously improve our products to make them more accessible and delicious for as many families as possible. We hope that the removal of the milk allergen will allow more shoppers to have more choice when cooking their favourite Italian products at home.


For any issues, concerns or questions, please contact our Consumer Information team on
1800 061 279 (toll free).