Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce with Beef 680g

Cooking Hints & Tips
Add a small can of drained red kidney beans and a pinch of dried chilli to the sauce.
A traditional beef sauce made from a rich blend of beef, tomatoes, onions and selected spices.
Product Ingredients

tomatoes (67%) (reconstituted, paste), onion, beef (12%), textured soy protein [contains colour (caramel I)], thickener (1422), hydrolysed vegetable protein, sugar, flavours [contains soy and contains flavour enhancers (627, 631)], salt, spice. Contains sulphites, soy.

Cooking Instructions
HEATING INSTRUCTIONS: COOK TOP: 1. Empty contents into a saucepan. 2. Gently stir over a low heat until hot. Do not boil. MICROWAVE: (1000W) 1. Do not place can in microwave. 2. Empty contents into a microwavesafe dish and cover.3. Heat on HIGH for 44½ minutes, stirring once. 4. Serve with pasta of your choice. CAUTION: Contents and container will be hot when heated. TIP: Allow 80g 100g dry pasta per person. HEATING TIME MAY VARY SLIGHTLY ACCORDING TO MICROWAVE POWER AND QUANTITY COOKED. ALWAYS ENSURE THE PRODUCT IS HEATED RIGHT THROUGH BEFORE SERVING.
Pack Size


Serving Size


Servings Per Package


Nutrition Information#
Average QuantityPer ServingPer 100g
Fat, total3.8g2.8g
    - saturated1.8g1.3g
    - sugars3.9g2.9g

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Product Endorsements
  • Made with Australian Beef

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